In most circumstances you will require the following documents to obtain finance approval

  • Copy of 100 points ID (passport, Drivers license, Medicare card)
  • Last 3 months bank statements showing your savings history, and also your account that receives your wages/income
  • Most recent statement for any personal/car loans and credit cards you currently hold
  • Copy rates notice for any other property you own, rental income statement/lease agreement and latest home loan statements associated with that property

If you are a “pay as you go wage earner” (PAYG) then you will require

  • Your most recent two payslips
  • Your latest PAYG/group certificate
  • Copy of your employment contract

If you are self-employed, you will require

  • Last two years tax return for you, your company/trust and associated entities
  • Last 2 years profit and loss and balance sheet for you company/trust
  • Your last 2 years notice of assessments from the Australian Tax Office

Depending on your individual situation the following may also be required

  • If a permanent resident or on a temporary visa, a copy of your passport page identifying this document
  • A copy of your marriage certificate if you have statements or assets in a previous name
  • Copy of the contract of sale for the new property you are purchasing, if you have signed a contract
  • A copy of your building contact you have signed if applicable
  • Centrelink notice for any family assistance or other government income received
  • A copy of your industry membership if working in the medical, legal or accounting professions
  • Letter from any individuals gifting you funds for the purchase of your new home

Please note whilst we have attempted to include all possible information that may be required, in some instances there may be other documents that the lender requires than what is listed from the above.

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